Add A Custom Email Address Into A Free Gmail Account


Back in 2010, we wrote an article on adding a custom email address into a free Gmail account. What this technique does is allow you to use the storage flexibility and spam protection of Gmail with a custom email address for free.

We are updating our tutorial since Gmail has changed the way it handles things when adding a custom email address. With that being said, follow along with the video to get yourself set up. In addition to having a free Gmail account setup, you will need access to your hosting panel, as well as know your SMTP and Port settings. If you are unsure of those pieces, contact your hosting provider.

Follow along with the instructions

Things To Consider

Being that this is a free method, it isn't 100% perfect. There are 2 primary negatives that we see with this method.

You Are Forced To Use Gmail or a Gmail App To Be Able To Send Mail From Your Custom Address

While this isn't necessarily a bad thing, this means that you cannot use Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook with your custom email address. You must use the Gmail website, or a Gmail App. So for an iPhone, you cannot use the Mail application that comes with the phone. You have to use the Gmail App available in the App Store.

Old Versions Of Microsoft Outlook Can See Through The Custom Address

While we are not positive on newer versions of Outlook, older versions of Outlook are able to see the free Gmail address you are using when sending an email. For example, if your custom email is [email protected] and your free Gmail address is [email protected], Outlook will show your recipient both addresses with a “Sent On Behalf Of” message. So when setting up your free Gmail address, use something relative to your business.

If You Want To Do Things More Professionally

If you want to handle your business email more professionally, utilize a paid service like Google Workspace. The cost is minimal at $6 a month per user, and you can avoid the 2 precautions listed above.

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