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Arrested Development Quotes

Here at J Taylor Design, we consistently work on side projects to help stay creative. Some are more serious, while others are just for fun. 

Our Arrested Development Quotes site is one of those that is “just for fun.” For those who enjoy smart comedy and have not seen Arrested Development, drop what you are doing, join Netflix (if you are not a member already), start watching Arrested Development and “taste the happy.”

All new episodes are airing in less than a month on May 26th exclusively on Netflix. With their most recent episode airing in 2006, Arrested Development is one of an exclusive list of shows to be brought back after cancellation. Be sure to check out the show if you have not yet done so, as once the new episodes air, you will have surely heard about it then. For all of those familiar, visit our Arrested Development Quotes site and enjoy reminiscing through all the great one liners.

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