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Be The Change T-Shirt

For as long as we have been a company, we have been running a small clothing line on the side in addition to J Taylor Design. The clothing line was mainly an outlet to be creative. Always using American Apparel items (who make their clothing in Los Angeles), our goal was to create comfortable printed tshirts that we wanted to wear.

Over the past couple years, the clothing line has taken a back seat. However, this summer we were inspired by the documentary Bully to do another piece. Using a small portion from a Ghandi quote, we have kept the message simple: Be The Change.

Be The Change Tshirt

Proceeds from all sales will be donated to Stand For The Silent, an anti bullying non-profit. The remaining revenue will help fund the next shirt. Our plan is to choose a different charity with each new shirt we create.

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Supply is limited, so if you are interested in a shirt, visit to get yours.

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