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Celebrate Beautifully With Vault 634, A Luxury Lehigh Valley Event Venue

Looking through the newly designed Vault 634 website, you will take a step back in time to the Gilded Age and explore the heart of Center City Allentown you never knew existed. We are excited to have the opportunity to help showcase all Vault 634 has to offer the Lehigh Valley.

The Vault 634 website allows you to view the history of the Lehigh Valley Trust building, glamorous photos of the Great Hall, and the mysterious speakeasy which is tucked away on a private floor of the venue.


Starting with their branding, we revamped the Vault 634 look to incorporate a brighter, timeless feel which we applied to advertisements, print pieces, and their website. In addition to capturing progress photography through their construction phase, we also had the opportunity to photograph at various celebrations to show how it feels to attend one of their luxury events. And if you venture down to their speakeasy, you can see the hand-drawn logo we designed behind the bar.

Celebrate Beautifully With Vault 634, A Luxury Lehigh Valley Event Venue
Celebrate Beautifully With Vault 634, A Luxury Lehigh Valley Event Venue

Images during the construction phase at Vault 634

"Vault 634 launched in May of 2018, and as the region’s first luxury venue with a fully custom event planning process, it presented unique challenges. Our clients had become accustomed to the antiquated pre-built event packages in the market, and Vault 634 needed a voice to demonstrate how we differed while exhibiting our unique selling position.

J Taylor Design worked closely with our marketing department to understand our needs and share our vision. They worked closely with us to both preserve and modernize our existing branding while tying it seamlessly into a range of new marketing material. From the beginning of the planning process to the launch of the website, J Taylor Design’s focused on designing and polishing even the most subtle details to create a stunning online presence."

Zachary Jaindl, Chief Operations Officer

We are honored to be on this journey with Vault 634 and to be part of the Lehigh Valley Trust Buildings rich history. We invite you to take a look at

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