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Custom Email Address In Gmail On The Go For iPhone and iPad

A while ago, we wrote an article about how to setup your custom email account in Gmail. We find that a lot of our clients like this method as it allows them easy access to their email wherever they go without needing a program like Microsoft Outlook. Simply log in from your web browser and you are all set - plus, it is free.

But what about if you want to setup your custom email account on your iPhone or iPad? When you go to Settings » Mail, Contacts, Calendars and click Add Account you should note that there is a Gmail option there. You can certainly use that panel to add in your Gmail account; however, you will be forced to send mail as your Gmail address - not your custom email account.

What To Do, What To Do

The solution here is simple. Head to the iTunes App Store and download the Gmail App. Once installed, follow the simple onscreen instructions to setup your account (you will be signing in using your Gmail address). Assuming you have set your custom email account as your default account in Gmail (see the second paragraph in the “Then Add Your Custom Email Address into Gmail” section on our previous article), when you compose an email from the Gmail App, it will automatically send that email from your custom email address.

Non-Apple Devices

Are you an Android user? There is a Gmail app available for that operating system as well, though we have not tested it. Assuming they have it built similar to the iOS App, we would only assume the steps above would yield the same results.

Sorry, Microsoft Windows Phone users. There does not seem to be an App created by Gmail for you at this point.

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