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If You Over Promise, You Probably Under Deliver

Sometimes new clients find us because they’ve been let down by an old design company that they’ve been working with. Usually the reasons are the other design company hasn’t met deadlines, is unresponsive to calls or emails, and / or makes promises they cannot keep. Those items are unacceptable, especially in terms of running a business, retaining clients, and productivity. We pride ourselves on transparency, meaning that we strive to be as open and honest as possible.

One of the great things that we get to do as a creative business, is think outside of the box. Thinking outside of the box can lead to some questions like: Can we accomplish this? How much will it cost? What are the pitfalls? For this article, we’d like to focus on the first question: Can we accomplish this? This question will come up in meetings with clients while discussing projects. You don’t want to put yourself into a situation where you over promise something that you’re not 100% sure you can deliver on.

Over promising can come from a fear of feeling that your business will appear inadequate if you can’t say in that moment that you can deliver something. However, I believe that people respect honesty, especially when money is involved. If a client is hiring you to do something, they want to feel confident that you can deliver what you say you can deliver. Over promising can only put yourself into a hole that you don’t want to be in.

How We Handle Ourselves

Almost any idea can be accomplished. So when a client asks us for something that we’re not 100% positive we can do it, we answer them honestly. Our answer may be that we know it can be done, and we will look into it. It’s as simple as that. Once we do our research, we move forward from there.

Final Thought

Over promising complicates things and puts you in a corner that you don’t want to be in. Our advice: Be realistic with clients on timelines, budgets, and what you can accomplish. Clients want to work with people who they can trust. Over promising and failing to deliver only shows them they cannot trust your business to take care of their business.

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