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“Ignorance Is Bliss” Creative Shoot

Passion projects can be integral for some artists to stay inspired. For me, passion projects are an opportunity for growth. They allow you to take some risks or maybe try something new that you otherwise wouldn’t.

My personal most recent passion project came in the form of a photoshoot at an old bread factory. My goal was to develop a handful of images that all support one simple concept.

Not Seeing (Or Ignoring) The End While It Envelops You

While the photographs are playful, the concept is fairly serious: Not seeing or choosing to ignore when something of importance is over. Whether it is a career, relationship, etc., how do you know when to keep fighting or move on?

Here we have our character loving what he does. It doesn’t matter to him that everything around him has seen better days. The passion he has for his craft outweighs the reality.

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