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J Taylor Design - 2015 Edition

We are excited to announce that our new site (yeah, the one you are on right now) is up and running. Combining bits of time between client projects and a few late nights, we took the time to revamp all aspects of our website.

J Taylor Design - 2015 Edition

Leading By Example

Generally speaking, we rework our site every year and a half. We take that opportunity to critique the overall design, functionality needed, as well as the content that is being promoted. Those are the same exact pieces that we critique when working with clients. While all clients may not need a new website every year, we definitely recommend at least critiquing content yearly. Are you promoting the right message? Do you need all of these pages? Are you positioned effectively for search engines?

Arguably your most important marketing tool, a website works best when it is an active voice for your business. Don’t let it sit stagnant.

How About You?

If you are ready to chat about your existing website, or are looking to set one up, reach out today. We would love the opportunity to chat with you about your goals.

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