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New Website And Photography for New York City Based Multi-Talented Artist

I have personally had the great opportunity to grow up with a number of talented individuals - one of whom is a multi-talented film and television editor, director of photography, and voiceover artist.

There were multiple goals with this project:

  • We needed landing sections for each discipline
  • We needed a news component separate from the disciplines
  • We needed scalable project pages to highlight base info, awards, and credits
  • We needed a dynamic resume based on the section the user is on
  • We needed to tie in social sharing
  • And, of course, we needed to be mobile friendly

Organization. It is a key component for most things we do in life, and is definitely key when working on a new website. Having a great outline for what we needed, we were able to help develop a network-style strategy which involved a new brand, some custom photography, and a new primary domain name.

...With Carl

The foundation of the idea came with the creation of the new domain name: This would serve as the base domain which would house the news and press articles, as well as be a funnel into the primary disciplines. From there, we have subdomains for each discipline which allows the domain to read like a short sentence: Cut With Carl, Shoot With Carl, and Voice With Carl. It is a subtle detail, but definitely adds character.

This option also allows Carl to direct individual users to those subdomains with the content relative to their personal conversations. That user can then see the content that is specific to their discussions, see the relative resume, then also be able to see the other disciplines if need be.

J Taylor Design listened closely to my needs and designed a fresh and elegant website that makes my brand look stellar. On top of that, their beautiful custom photography added a one of a kind personal touch.

Learn more about the With Carl network at

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