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No View Source In Safari 6? Oh, There It Is

Today Apple released OS X Mountain Lion, the new Mac operating system.

Today, we installed Mountain Lion on a couple machines, which went quite smoothly. It took about a half hour to download the software from the App Store, then another half hour or so to install. Pretty simple stuff, which is great.

Then Came The Problem

After less than an hour of using Mountain Lion, we noticed that Safari 6 was missing one of our most common keyboard shortcuts: View Source (Command + Option + u)

As web developers, we are always in the source code making sure that things are as they should be. It is strange to think that Apple would completely remove this function from the browser. It was as if I was missing something. After some hunting, it turns out that I was.

View Source / Development Tools Are Disabled By Default

Under Safari » Preferences » Advanced, there is a new checkbox option to “Show Develop menu in menu bar” - which is disabled by default. Once enabled, not only can you view the site source, but there are a ton of useful features at your disposal. For me, the key is that they are built in and that I do not have to extend Safari with plugins.

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