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Not Your Average Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is not something that we do. While it can be viable for some, our photographic passions lie more in creative and corporate shoots. However, when wedding photography bleeds into the creative side, we may be able to be swayed from our normal instinct to decline.

That was the case when we were asked to shoot at the beautiful Sayre Mansion in Bethlehem for post-wedding group photos. The couple did not want your typical wedding photographs, but rather were drawn toward the creative photography we’ve done in the past.

Not Your Average Wedding Photography
Not Your Average Wedding Photography

Overly Serious Group Photography

The concept was to break their guests into various groups of family / friends and have them pose for over-the-top serious photos. A little bit Kardashian family photo style, a little cinematic, and certainly dramatic.  We were excited at the prospective outcome of the shoot, so how could we say no?

A Simple Setup With More Focus On The Pose

Our lighting setup was simple. Two strobes on either side of the room with 1x3 foot softboxes raised about 10 feet in the air pointing down gave us the dramatic lighting we were going for, while nicely lighting groups both large and small. The wonderfully decorated room we chose allowed us to fit the groups well.

Mj Group 1
Mj Group 2
Mj Group 3

With the technical stuff out of the way, all we had to worry about was posing. With a ton of great personality present, the majority of the guests who stood in front of the lens were more than game to participate, and we couldn’t help but get some bonus shots of this fantastic group!

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