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Running Netflix While Playstation Network Is Down

Any Playstation 3 owner who uses their system regularly should be aware that the Playstation Network was recently hacked and has been down for quite some time now. With the network getting hacked, it potentially allowed the hackers access to user information and history, which of course is unfavorable. Further, with the network down users are unable to play games online and are limited to playing single player, non-online games.

A friend of mine and I were discussing the issue recently. He mentioned that he was disappointed that he has been unable to use Netflix through his PS3 since the network has been down, as he doesn’t have cable TV. I explained to him that you are still able to access Netflix even though the network is down, but there are some extra steps to do so, which are the following:

  • When you turn on your PS3, it will attempt to log into the PS Network and will fail giving you an error. Ignore the error and head over to the ‘videos’ tab and launch Netflix
  • When you launch Netflix, you will be prompted to log into the network. Log in and then you will be brought to a screen that says the network is down. Press ‘back’ and wait.
  • You will be prompted to log in for a second time. At this point, you may see the Netflix application behind the login screen. Click to log in for a second time and you will receive the same error message. Press back, and you’ll be free to use Netflix.

You may be prompted a third time to log in. This has only happened to me once, but I followed the same pattern and was able to use Netflix without issue.

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