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Save Google Maps on iPhone for Offline Use

My family was fortunate enough to spend the holidays in London recently. Exploring an unfamiliar environment can be a lot of fun; however, roaming cell phone charges are not. This is where a great trick with the Google Maps iOS app comes in handy using the phrase: ok maps.

Saving Maps On Your iPhone While Roaming

The Google Maps iOS app allows to save a map area using the phrase ok maps. There are only a few things that you need in order to do this:

  • A wifi connection
  • Have the area you would like saved onscreen
  • The key phrase: Ok maps

While on a wifi connection with your phone, simply have the map area you would like to save visible in the Google Maps app. Next, type ok maps in the search box and click search. Google Maps will then start to download the maps for you for offline/roaming use.

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