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Simple WordPress Bootstrap Elements Plugin

We are excited to have a hand in our first official public WordPress plugin. Teamed up with our friends at Ternstyle, we designed and developed a clean and simple way to handle Bootstrap elements within the WordPress editor.

Per the plugin description:
We use Bootstrap. We use WordPress. Many of our themes, and many themes available, are based on Bootstrap. Why not create a neat and intuitive way to add Bootstrap elements right inline with your WordPress page and post content? Yeah, that was our thinking when we designed this plugin. We also don’t like shortcodes. The page can get messy and it’s hard to distinguish the shortcode text and your content at first glance. Your eyes have too much to parse.

That’s where our plugin comes in. In an intuitive click-and-drag interface, you can add and edit styled Bootstrap elements right inline with your content. No fussing with shortcodes.

Isb2016 Screenshot

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