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Turn Shuffle Off In Spotify iPhone App

Spotify is a nice application. On my iPhone or iPad, I can stream music at will as long as I have a 3G or higher connection. This makes the application nicer than the iCloud, where the music needs to be fully downloaded in order to listen to it. While there are a lot of things I like about Spotify, I stumbled upon something that was quite the opposite.

It Comes Down To User Error

Like a lot of things with technology, problems (or what people perceive as problems) are often the result of user error. Not fully understanding how something works can be easily transformed into an “issue” with a product. All that being said, here is the “problem” I ran into using Spotify: While listening to an album on my iPhone, I accidentally hit the giant “Shuffle” button, and then wanted to turn “Shuffle” off.

Turn Shuffle Off In Spotify iPhone App

This might sound like an easy task, however I found the solution was not so simple. My first thought was to click “Shuffle” again, which only shuffled the music another time. Then I tried clicking the 3 dots next to the Shuffle button with no success, and had no luck looking in the “Settings” screen either. After getting a bit frustrated, I went to Google for the solution.

Turn Shuffle Off In Spotify iPhone App

To turn “Shuffle” off from the iPhone App, you need to be on the “Now Playing” screen. This screen displays the full album art for the most recent song you are listening to. On this screen, there is an “i” button at the top left. Click there, and you will see a “Shuffle” button at the bottom right with the “Shuffle” icon in green. This is what you click to disable the shuffle feature. I would have never guessed to find the solution there, as that seems more like a “manage this track” screen other than anything else. Without Google, I might have been forced to be on a constant “Shuffle” in Spotify. #firstworldproblems

Create Intuitive Products

This post focuses on just a small error that I noticed with an otherwise solid product. However, it goes to show how important it is for products to be intuitive, regardless of whether are discussing an App, a touchpad, or a website.

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