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Unsubscribe From Useless Newsletters

With Spring here, we thought we would share a little cleaning tip that we started doing a few months back. That tip is unsubscribing from unnecessary email newsletters. Trust me. Once you start, you will feel so much better about your inbox.

According to the Radicati Group, the average person sends and receives 105 emails per day. For some that number will sound high, while others may wish for a number that low. Regardless of where you are at, there is room for improvement.

When you purchase something online or sign up to be a member of a website, oftentimes you may be added to an email list automatically. That might not be a bad thing if you are interested in their emails. However, for all others that you do not want simply unsubscribe. It is a waste of your time to have to delete the emails as they come in if they are of no use to you. Save yourself a bit of time here and there by cleaning up your inbox.

Annoying Caveat We Have Noticed

With technology being as incredible as it is, it is surprising to me to see a “you will be removed from our mailing list within 10 days” message when I unsubscribe from a newsletter. It really should be instantaneous. However, if you do start unsubscribing from useless newsletters, you may run into a similar message.

Beware Of Spam Newsletters

If you are receiving an email from a company that you do not remember utilizing before, it could be that the message is spam. In that case, you do not want to use any links in that email - including an unsubscribe link. If you are getting those types of messages in your inbox, simply mark them as spam.

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