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Updating iPhone 4 to iOS 5 Problem

Today you are able to upgrade your iPhones and iPads to the latest operating system from Apple, iOS 5. I plugged in my iPhone 4 an hour ago to make the upgrade and ran into a small issue.

If you are familiar with the Apple upgrade process, you know that all you really need to do is plug in your iPhone, open iTunes and it should automatically let you know about the update. Simply follow the instructions and let it run. Apple could not make it any easier.

Minor Setback

However, I ran into a small issue during the process. After my computer finished creating the restore file for my iPhone I received a pop up with the following error: The iPhone could not be restored. An internal error occurred.

I gave it another shot with the same result, but noticed that the progress bar in iTunes showed that the processed failed when my phone was trying to connect to Apple to verify the restore file.

I disconnected the phone from my computer, shut down my phone all the way, turned it back on, and gave it another shot and the upgrade went through without a glitch. If you are finding yourself not being able to upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 5, try shutting down first before calling Apple for help or setting up a Genius appointment.

Update - iPad 2

After plugging in my iPad 2 to upgrade, I ran into the same issue with a similar error saying An unknown error occurred. 3004. I restarted my iPad and plugged it back in and the issue still persisted. However, at that point, it made it through the ‘delete everything off the iPad’ state. Leaving the iPad plugged in, I let iTunes do its thing and it restored my data and also upgraded my iPad 2 to iOS 5 without issue.

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