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Useful Mac Key Commands

When working on a computer it becomes imperative to learn keyboard shortcuts, or key commands to keep things moving, and moving quickly.

Being that I’m on the computer what feels like 24/7 I’ve picked up a few that I use constantly. Below is just a short list of some of the basic Mac key commands that we use constantly when either setting up folders for client files, sorting through tons of running applications, or browsing the web. These are just a handful of useful keyboard shortcuts that we put together.

  • Command-H hides the application you’re currently in
  • Command-Q quits the application you’re currently in
  • Command-W closes a window that you may have open in the application you’re currently in
  • Command-P opens the print screen for the current window you’re in
  • Command-I gets the info from a file on your computer that you have highlighted
  • Command-M minimizes the current window you’re in
  • Command-N brings up a new finder window when browsing your computer
  • Shift-Command-N creates a new folder on your computer in whatever location you’re currently in
  • Command-Tab will tab you through all of the applications that you’re currently running
  • Command-Delete on a file will put it in the trash
  • Command-T in Safari will open up a new tab for you
  • Command-N in Safari will open up a new window for you
  • Command-Spacebar will open up your Spotlight search for you

In addition to Mac keyboard shortcuts we use tons of application shortcuts. We work with Adobe applications so fortunately some of the shortcuts overlap, and some of the shortcuts work the same as the list above. Below you can find a short list of some links to Adobe’s website to look at keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator; as well as, a couple links to some standout shortcuts put together by some fellow bloggers!

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