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Using Backblaze To Backup Client Files

File backup is important. Regardless if we are talking about personal photos or client work, if you lose a digital file, it is likely that it is not coming back. Tools like Dropbox can help alleviate the frustration of losing files. iCloud is another avenue that can be taken to help keep things in order. However, sometimes the price to space ratio may not make sense for your situation. This is where Backblaze may be the solution for you.

We utilize both Dropbox and Backblaze to safely and security handle our client files. We use Dropbox for any current work, then we archive previous work on a local storage solution that gets backed up daily through Backblaze. The pricing of Backblaze is incredible at $5 or less per month. The best part is that there is no limit to the amount of files that can be backed up.

Initial Setup Of Backblaze Is Incredibly Easy

When we first started using Backblaze we had about 280GB of files, so the initial upload to Backblaze took a little while. Thankfully Backblaze runs in the background doing what it needs to while not bogging down the internet connection. After about a week, all of our files were uploaded. Backblaze checks daily for new/altered/removed files, so it only needs to update when something has changed. Additionally, Backblaze will back up connected external drives, and allows us to select what is and is not backed up.

Using Backblaze To Backup Client Files

If Something Goes Wrong With Your Backed Up Computer…

Backblaze makes it easy to restore any of your lost files in the case something goes wrong with your computer. In our circumstance, having to download more than 280GB would take some time. To speed up the process, Backblaze offers to send out flash drives or hard drives with your files for a small fee.

Backblaze For Mobile

Backblaze recently released their free mobile app that allows you to access, download, and share your data. This is yet another great resource that Backblaze offers its customers.

Versioning, Security, Multiple Computers, etc.

Backblaze offers a great toolkit of features. For us, it made perfect sense to use Backblaze with keeping our client files safe and secure. Check out the “How It Works” breakdown to see if Backblaze is right for you.

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