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Working With Likeminded Artists

The amount of quality education available online for artists is quite incredible. Artists across the world share their tips and tricks on everything from graphic design to web development to photography. The internet community is generous in sharing education in both free and paid environments. However, on a local level with those you get to shake hands with, technique and experience tend to be held close to the chest.

Certainly that can be understandable as those methods are part of what is billable for that artist. At the same time, however, just because someone learns a tip from a friend does not mean that they will be producing an identical finished product. A talented photographer friend of mine, who sparked this conversation, said it so well:

“It is important to see other artists as your ally not your competition. By working together and sharing knowledge, tips, tricks, etc. we raise up the collective caliber of our work & have fun doing so.”
- Brian Wcislo

Last year, Brian, myself and a number of talented artists were able to come together as a group of professionals relatively local to each other in a creative shoot at Vault634. Running with a “Bonnie & Clyde” type feel, the finished product for each photographer varied in many ways - despite the same concept.

Vault Bri

Copyright © Brian Wcislo

Vault Jt

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Covering all phases of preplanning, working with hair / makeup artists, shooting, and sharing post production workflows, we collectively took the time to teach and learn from each other - holding nothing back for the greater good of our craft.

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