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Write Custom Phrase Shortcuts On Your iPhone

We have been meaning to write up this post since the iOS 5 update was released for the iPhone this past October. Upon upgrading our iPhones, we noticed a nice new feature to create shortcuts, or ‘frequently used phrases’ when sending text messages. This certainly is not a new feature for cell phones in general, but it is a new feature for the iPhone that can come in handy.

I use a few key phrases consistently when texting. Why waste time typing out the whole phrase when you can create a shortcut to drop your phrase into your text message?

Simply go to Settings » General » Keyboard then scroll down to the bottom and tap Add New Shortcut… to get started.

Texting Screenshot

Create your own shortcuts so you can text friends and family quickly. That way, you can get back to browsing the internet or playing Words With Friends.

An Added Bonus

You are not only limited to using these phrase shortcuts when you are texting. You can also use your shortcuts when emailing, writing notes, and anything that involves typing on your device.

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