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You Get What You Pay For

Websites are no exception for the saying, ‘You Get What You Pay For.’ There are many ways of designing and developing websites. However, there are certain standards that come into play when designing and developing for the web, and anything outside of those standards are, unfortunately, a waste of money.

Toward the beginning of the year, we quoted a project for a prospective client who was interested in keeping the budget to a minimum while still offering a fair amount of features. After discussing the site as a whole we provided an estimate to handle the project, keeping in mind the budget that the client wished to stay within.After providing the proposal, the prospective client informed us that they had a friend who was just starting in web design and that they were going to do the project for a fraction of the cost. We wished them the best and told them to not hesitate to contact us if they needed anything else or if they run into any issues.

It’s been 5 months now since we had last chatted with them and their site is finally up and running. At first glance, it’s an ok site, nothing special but it doesn’t offer those features we had discussed with them. However, the big issues come into play when looking at the code and the usability of the site. It’s a really small site, but it’s surprisingly hard to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Also, looking deeper into the code, there is nothing setup to help them with search engines. The site, unfortunately, completely lacks proper development. So essentially they still spent a fair amount of money for a website that is doing absolutely nothing for them, and that is a real shame as they are a really nice business and offer a quality service.

The moral of the story is to understand what you’re looking for when hiring a web design company. Your business needs a design company who will learn about your business, build a website around your business, design it with your clients in mind, and develop it properly. Otherwise, you’re sadly wasting your advertising dollars.

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