Development Services

More than ones and zeros

We code from scratch and aim for lightweight (fast loading) projects that are fun to use. Whether you click, swipe, or tap, we create scalable projects for any surface or screen.


Marrying development and creative

You could have the most beautiful website, but without proper development, your potential clients finding it organically on Google would prove challenging.

With up-to-date coding, we help ensure that the sites we build are ready to support your content. With website statistics at the core, we tie in video, social media, and photography to engage users in a website that looks great on all devices.


Did you know

Mobile-friendly website development


Front-end development handed off to client internal development team


Breaking Things Down

Our key areas of development include:

Responsive, Mobile Friendly Website Development

Thanks to iPhones and iPads, your website is available to anyone anywhere. In a lot of scenarios, having a proper mobile strategy means having a responsive website. Your users want the ability to access all the content on your site from their laptop on their phone - and responsive development gives them that.

Search Engine Optimization

Tied to strategy, a website needs to be developed properly to be able to increase visibility. Our websites are hand coded to make sure they are setup properly to promote your content. Utilizing website statistics, we can learn from how things are currently working to be able to improve moving forward.

Content Management Systems

Utilizing management tools like WordPress, we can give clients the freedom to keep their sites up to date in an easy to use environment. We take every effort to increase environment security, file organization, and ensure automated full-site back-ups are running. On top of that, we increase admin usability by customizing the website editor from section-to-section to help simplify site maintenance for your team.

E-Commerce Integration

Expanding on content management systems, we can tie in easy-to-update commerce platforms. Tying in PayPal or, we create an environment that is not only easy for you to manage your product, but is great for the customer.

Long-term Security & Maintenance

The headaches of website security is not something most clients want to worry about. The good news is, we handle that for our clients when utilizing our platforms. We make sure the system and tools installed in your website are kept up-to-date, extend system security, and run daily backups just in case.

"I enjoyed working with J Taylor Design. Their web design gave us a more current and up to date look."

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