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CrossFit Advanced

CrossFit Advanced

Get Up And Move

Opening their doors in 2010, CrossFit Advanced has seen their gym membership continually increase. Since CrossFit Advanced is in constant need of different types of marketing materials, we are proud to be in their corner.

From their website and social media to video and photos, we help provide the creativity and strategy CrossFit Advanced needs to support their wide audience.

CrossFit Advanced

Striving For Greatness

Solidifying their position as a top fitness facility in the area, we rebranded CrossFit Advanced in 2016 with a scalable, modern logo design and brand scheme.



  • Overall Branding Strategy
  • Website Planning
  • Social Media Integration


  • Branding
  • Print, Illustration & Graphic Design
  • Website Design


  • Responsive Website Development
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Headshot Photography
  • Candid On Location Photography
  • Event Photography
  • Video Production
Event video for Test Your Metal competition hosted by CrossFit Advanced

"I am extremely impressed with J Taylor Design's ability to blend the information I needed in an artistic, creative and user friendly way."