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NJ Boom & Erectors

NJ Boom & Erectors

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With photography gear in hand, we head into the workshop of NJ Boom & Erectors to shoot some photos for their new website. 

While we got the shots we were hoping for, we also came away with so much more than we expected to. We left their shop with a unique feeling of pride in what incredible teams like this can produce in our country. 

With rebranding in a hand-made style, custom photography, and a clean website, we set NJ Boom & Erectors up with the tools they need to showcases their high quality services.

NJ Boom & Erectors



  • Website Planning
  • Revamped Branding Guide


  • Branding & Logo Design


  • Responsive Website Development
  • Content Management
  • Search Engine Optimization


  • Candid On Location Photography

"The high quality website development services that J Taylor Design provided allowed us to focus on the core of our business while maintaining our company image and integrity confidently online. We could not have been more excited and happy with their expertise, guidance and professionalism. J Taylor Design goes beyond just design and does what they need to do to make clients happy."